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Triangle Traffic Control & Signs, LLC is a
Supplier & Sub-Contractor
&  HUB Certified
Specialty Sub-Contractor

Fully Insured
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What Is Traffic Control
& Why Do You Need It?

Every construction project needs to include safety measures
to insure the safety of  anyone subjected to it,
which includes employees working in the work zone,
pedestrians subjected to the area and
vehicle traffic that has to travel through
or around the work zone. 

Be it commercial, residential, heavy highway, bridge
or utility construction, safety is a top priority!

Traffic Control is any NCHRP350 approved product
or apparatus used to protect subjected traffic,
whether it is foot traffic, vehicle traffic or employees,
from any possible work zone hazards that may be present
during the life of the project.

The liability of work zone hazards can be costly
if the proper traffic control is not used on a project.
By using Triangle Traffic Control & Signs, LLC,
the contractor eliminates that risk and
takes the liability off their mind and passes it on to us. 

At Triangle Traffic Control & Signs, LLC,
we take project safety seriously,
ensuring that traffic safety is above expectation.

Triangle Traffic Control and Signs, LLC,
is a full service company offering products and
services that bring safety full circle.
From safety vests to water filled barrier wall,
we offer complete construction traffic control
and safety services, as well as products.
We offer Sales, Rentals and Installation.

Triangle Traffic Control & Signs, LLC,
has more than 40 years of experience.
Our experts perform lane closures,
flagging operations, detours, road closures;
We install work zone and permanent signs,
and much more. .

At Triangle Traffic Control & Signs, LLC,
we take the liability off the GC, by exceeding
minimum requirements set by the governing agency,
to ensure that all exposed to the work zone remain safe.

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